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reboot the Alley

This the first posting of the rebooted version of is now a blog and will expand to offer more.

When I started in 1998, it seems so long ago, the

purpose of the site was to help those having responsibility or desires

to accomplish goals in the digital technology world.

In 1998¬†’s mission: is dedicated to the growth and evolution of the new media industry. It is both a community and a resource. A center of excellence where industry best practices can be explored and where vision and innovation are shared to build new media businesses. It is a common ground for both people providing services and those in need of them.

Its still our mission except I will replace new media with digital.

Here is a link to the of 1999

It was find a problem, find a solution.  Unlike other technology which

was incubated by the military and/or universities the Internet grew up

without standardized education, best practices or structured support.

You had a tremendous freedom to make a mistake and to fail. That is

one of the best things about American is that you can fail and then

come back.

So in that spirit is rebooted. We strive to become an online community and trusted resource.

I live my life episodically. I find those who do the same thing year

in year out are processes of the machine. I like the randomness, the

excitement, and the challenge of creating and recreating myself and my

work product. If I wake up I have the responsibility of making the

best of the day and, mostly, I do.

For now I will be blogging, Whats is on my mind. What is in the news.

Shortly, SiliconAlley will expand.

Thank you Sander.



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