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Youtube sold too cheap  sold too cheap. The numbers work better for Google then anyone else. Google just did a $900MM deal for MySpace. Besides what are all these companies going to do with all that excess cash keep buying T bills with their 5% yield?

Direct is it. Content owners will partner with or they will go the way of other media which forgets to understand what’s their business. Their business is content, ad supported or otherwise, and you go to where the eyeballs are. If they cant do it themselves, I know there are a lot of those in control who cant wait to retire and let someone else make those hard decision, they partner.

Youtube is future of tv in direct advt model. Google has the platform to do it. I think.

Google has a lot of leverage here. So what happens if 100,000 people see a film on and then it gets removed. If its any good it will generate demand from others who missed it.  I think can be the new TV. TV when you want it, where you want it. And think, with google ads, textural or otherwise, its the big advertising killer. What a great testing medium for television programming. Something has to be done to allow programs to find their audience. Why not put the pilot up on for free, forever without commercials with a little link or tag telling user program day and time on conventional broadcast tv.
Advertising has gotten too expensive not to know who your audience is. And I don’t mean surveys, I mean email addresses, names, etc.

You number crunchers do the numbers, its cheap anyway you slice it.

Why not sell those content providers their own youtube channels and then the copyright problems go away.



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Reboot the Alley!


It’s official…

Siliconalley is back so we’re relaunching both the site and the parties (register for both at

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